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Office of Academic Affairs

Registration Division

The Registration Division is mainly in charge of academic records, grading, course registration and other related affairs for students.

Curriculum Division

The Instruction Resources Section is in charge of curriculum administration, course arrangement, printing of mid-term and final exams and supervising the Curriculum Committee, Committee for General Education, University Course Evaluation Committee, University Academic Development Committee, and Editorial Board

Admission Division

The Admission Division is mainly in charge of matters concerning admissions testing, admission promotion affairs and admission website maintenance, etc.

Teaching & Learning  Resource Center

Teaching & Learning Resource Center is mainly objective of achieve innovation and effectiveness in teaching. To accomplish this mission, the Center works together with faculty and departments to enhance University's teaching quality. 

Continuing Education Center

Building the extensional education center of CNU into a life-long study center for lifelong learning of high-ranking talents for the purposes of providing the public with cutting-edge knowledge, cultivating skills in culture, art, and professional expertise. 


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