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Q&A for foreign students

Q1:Who is eligible for identifying as a foreign student?

A1:The term international students as used in CHNA shall mean students of foreign nationality, neither overseas Chinese nor ROC nationals, who apply to study in Taiwan .

Those who have had dual nationality combining ROC nationality and foreign nationality may not apply for admission for eight years after the date on which their RIC nationality is revoked by approval of the Ministry of the Interior.

Q2: Any restriction on applying Admission as a foreign student?

A2:An international student who withdraws from CHNA after admission may not thereafter apply again for admission.

Q3: What is the deadline for submitting the application form?

A2:Applications shall be submitted from February 1 to March 31 each year, and every applicant is restricted to apply for only one academic department or graduate school.

Q4: What documents should the applicant prepare for submission?

A4:International students applying for admissions to CHNA shall submit the following documents via registered mail to the International Relations Division, the Office of Research and Development at CHNA:

(1)    Application form

(2)    Photocopy of the graduation certificate from the highest foreign educational institution completed (in Chinese or English translation), and an English translation of the transcript of the student's entire course work at that institution.

(3)    Two letters of recommendation (one of them shall be supplied by teacher of Chinese language).

(4)    Health certificate (including an HIV test)

(5)    Study plan in Chinese or English

(6)    Financial statement (proof of sufficient funds for studying in the ROC).

(7)    Other documents as required by the academic department or graduate school.

Q5:Who are members of the Committee of International Students Admission?

A5:The Committee of International Students Admission is convoked by the Director of Academic Affairs Office. The Committee members include Deans of all Colleges, Chairs of all Departments, Director of Student Affairs Office, Director of the Office of Research and Development, Director of Student Health Center, Director of Recruiting Office, and Committee will submit a roster of admitted applicants to CHNA President; upon the President's approval, CHNA will issue admission notifications to the applicants.

Q6: When should the applicant be informed of the final result?

A6:The whole process shall be completed by May 15 each year.

Q7:What should the applicant pay attention regarding credits?

A7:When an international student admitted to CHNA arrives at the campus after more than one-third of the first semester has passed, that student may not be enrolled in that academic year. Graduate students, however, may be allowed to enroll the second semester with the approval of the head of their academic department or graduate school.



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